Lord of intersections



Head and arms – black wood.

Еyes – painting.

Skin – wasps’ nest.

Hair – natural.

Headwear – mummified crocodile’s head, cockspur.

Pendant on the ear – mummified Japanese hornet, pendant on the neck – locust’s tarsuses, mummified tree-beetle, clockworks, decoration on the chest – antique Indian coins, sea-shells.

The first pendant on the left shoulder – mummified cicada’s lavra, clockworks; the second – mummified dragonfly’s lavra, cat’s tooth; the third – mummified scorpion, sea-shell, turquoise, clockworks.

Fingernails – clockworks. Tail – mummified crocodile’s tail. Tail’s tip – bear’s claw, clockworks.


Head and arms – black wood.

Eyes – painting.

Headwear – glass.

Pendant on the ear – glass.

Torso – fox’ skull on the chest, deer’s spinal bone on the back.

Glove on the left hand – genuine leather, tail – genuine leather, thorns of tropical palm tree.

Javelin – metal, wood, Tibetan ammonite.
Base of the sculpture – wood (knag)


50х45х42 sm