About the author

Kormilitsyna Anna is a sculptor, decorator, expert of doll creating, a member of International Arts Fund, Creative Union of Artists of Russia. She was born in Moscow in 1976. Anna has graduated from Russian Artistic university of Toy.

  • She is a lead painter of implement experimental studies service laboratory in Institute for Personal Development, Russian Academy of Education;
  • a creator of portrait dolls given for such persons as Vladimir Putin, Boris Nemtsov, Alexey Miller, Oleg Deripaska and other power players;
  • an author of dolls, costumes and sceneries for numerous plays in Moscow theaters and for some Russian films and telecasts;
  • a founder of creative studio «Ankor-art», where children and adults learn to make dolls.

Anna has been creating dolls for 25 years.
And… they like nothing on earth.
She never tells something about them.
Her creations are lyric and epic at the same time, like idyllic paradisiac dreams or pictures of the hell, haunted sometimes by womanly helpless sometimes by monstrously ugly creatures, mysterious symbols, allegoristic metamorphoses.
Her works are made in strange, complicated technique. Author’s favorite materials are wood, stone and leather. She doesn’t scruple to use mummified insects, fishes and lizards, bones, claws and hair of animals in the sculptures.
Now Anna Kormilitsyna is living and working in Moscow.